About Us

Turning Interest Into Action

Greater Expectations Outreach Ministry Inc., located in Upper Marlboro, MD was birthed December 20, 2020 Greater Expectations Outreach Ministry Inc is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to offer community food & resources, while giving a hand up not a hand out.  Providing the necessary resources and tools to empower them to be there greatest at all levels of life.

Greater Expectations Outreach Ministry Inc., has engaged in outreach to provide community residents with food, clothing and school supplies. 

Since COVID-19, in addition to the weekly families Greater Expectations Outreach Ministry Inc. has distributed groceries to an average of 1288 Maryland families monthly. Shelf-stable boxes and other rescued food are provided by Food Rescue US; MAFRAC & partners; and several partner non-profit organizations, supplemented by items purchased/provided by our local farmers and Capital Area Food Bank. In our weekly distributions we provide, vegetables, produce, fruits, In addition to other non-perishable items and chicken, ground beef & turkey, beef, fish and tuna.  Greater Expectations Outreach Ministry Inc tries to provide at least one to two protein meats to each family on a weekly basis unless there is some type of dietary restrictions.

We also operate a weekly grocery program for now 505 families since March 2020 – October 2020 we served 1,800 Hot Meals Monday - Saturday; we also provide hot meals 3 times a week to 10 individual who have chronic illness and are unable to prepare meals on their own.  We have for the last 4 years have adopted 10 families totaling 20 – 38 kids, providing Christmas gifts to children of incarcerated parents through the Angel Tree Project and families who are provided assistance from multiple state, local, faith-based & community-based organizations in collaboration with our partner’s (Key to Karma Inc.) Sponsor A-Child Program.

During the months of October, November & December, the weekly distribution is now biweekly, in order to prepare for our Annual Thanksgiving Holiday Baskets, give away.  Last year we partnered with several Faith Based & Community Based Non-Profits to reach our goal of 2,500 Thanksgiving Holiday Baskets.  This year our goal is 3,500+.

We have done the following events in collaboration with Key to Karma Inc. to support the community:  Lightening the Load – where we provided laundry mat money cards to wash clothes for that day, and if they already had a card, we added additional funds.  We also provided all of their laundry items to wash.  We do Annual Trunk or Treats partnering with the Faith-Based and Community Based organizations along with District IV & District VII Police Station, ensuring the kids have a fun safe Halloween.

We are now the joint owners of a 53-foot Cold Storage Trailer which is housed in Brandywine, Maryland and we look forward to keeping this trailer stocked with food items to distribute to the community